[Biomod-commits] Strange behaviour

Joaquin DL jduquelazo at gmail.com
Thu Jul 25 09:18:29 CEST 2013

Dear all,

I am running boimod2 (2.1.15) in R (3.0.1). I am working with 100x100
meters raster resolution in the extend of south of Spain. When running the
function BIOMOD_Projection as follow, the software write all the individual
raster outputs on the console what it takes too much time.

myBiomodProj <- BIOMOD_Projection(
  modeling.output = myBiomodModelOut,
  new.env = myExpl,
  proj.name = 'current',
  xy.new.env = NULL,
  selected.models = 'all',##
  binary.meth = NULL,##'all', c('KAPPA', 'TSS', 'ROC','FAR', 'SR',
  filtered.meth = NULL,
  compress = 'xy', ##'xy', 'gzip'€™, NULL
  build.clamping.mask = FALSE,
  clamping.mask = FALSE,
  silent = TRUE,
  do.stack = TRUE)

! Results will be saved as individual RasterLayers because of a lack of memory !
> Projecting Pnigra.jul_AllData_RUN1_GBM ...

> writting individual projection

Could it be related to the store memory? I mean, is the console doing this
because my outputs are too heavy?

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