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Viorel Popescu vioreldpopescu at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 20:04:30 CEST 2012

Hi everyone,

I have a few questions about using Migration and how/if it feeds into the
Biomod.RangeSize function. I produced current and future distributions
using Ensemble.Forecasting, but now I would like to add more realism using
the Migration() function and the dispersal parameter MaxMigr. I understand
that the MaxMigr units have to be in decimal degrees, but no matter if
MaxMigr = 1000 or MaxMigr = 0.16667, the resulting objects
(Future20a1b.Migration in my case) are completely identical in terms of
probability values.

*Migration(CurrentPred = Total_consensus_Current[,,2], FutureProj =
*X=LatLong[,1], Y=LatLong[,2], MaxMigr=100,

Moreover, when trying to plot the Current, Limited Dispersal and Unlimited
Dispersal distributions, the latter 2 look identical (again, regardless of
the value given to MaxMigr)

*level.plot(Resp.Var[,'Sp21'], XY=LatLong, show.scale=FALSE, title="current
distribution", cex=0.8)*
*level.plot(Future20a1b.Migration[,21], XY=LatLong, show.scale=F,
title="limited migration", cex=0.8)*
*level.plot(Total_consensus_Future20a1b_Bin[,21,2], XY=LatLong,
show.scale=FALSE, title="unlimited migration", cex=0.8)*

Am I doing something wrong with Migration? Also, does the information from
Migration feed into the RangeSize function? If so, it is not clear to me

Thanks in advance for any advice


Viorel D. Popescu, PhD
David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow
University of California - Santa Cruz &
Simon Fraser University, Biological Sciences
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