[Biomod-commits] What's new in biomod2 ?

Damien Georges damien.georges2 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 30 12:00:28 CET 2012

Dear biomod-users,

The last version of biomod2 package (2.0.xx) is able on R-Forge. List of 
added functionalities just below..


    New BIOMOD_EnsembleModeling(...) arguments.

    In the last version of BIOMOD_EnsembleModeling(...) function,
    « em.by » argument was added. This argument controls the way models
    are combined to build ensemble-models (e.g. By Pseudo-absences
    selection dataset, statistical models, all models together...).
    Please refer to EnsembleModelingAssembly vignette for further details.


    response.plot2(...) : the new function for response curves plotting.

    response.plot(...) function is depreciated, you have to use
    response.plot2(...) instead. This function mainly differs from its
    ancestor by the possibility to produce bivariate response curves
    (3D) and possibility to plot all models repetition 2D response plot
    on the same graphic. Explanatory variables RasterStack are also
    supported now. Please refer to associated help file for further details.


    Possibility to chose between several GAM modelling algorithms
    (packages gam and mgcv).

    This choice is done by filling BIOMOD_ModelingOptions' GAM$algo
    parameter. Supported values are 'GAM_mgcv' (default), 'GAM_gam' and
    'BAM_mgcv' (mgcv gam for big dataset). In case you choose 'mgcv'
    version of gam, you are allowed to give your own formula. Please
    refer to BIOMOD_ModelingOptions help file.


    New args supported in BIOMOD_Modelling :


        do.full.models : do or not the model calibrated and validated
        with 100% of data available when you chose to split your dataset
        in several part for doing calibration and validation (DataSplit


        Prevalence : if given, a vector of weights will be create to
        make observation respect this prevalence value.


    New package help files index organisation.

    To make package index helps files easier to follow, we made a new
    package index display that regroups biomod2 function by themes (e.g
    main functions, getters...) instead of alphabetic ordering.

I hope you will enjoy this releases.

Waiting for comments and suggestions,



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