[Biomod-commits] Error in "CurrentPred" function

Maria V mariav2305 at gmail.com
Sat May 19 19:57:35 CEST 2012


I'm running the tutorial example (Feb 13 2012) and my own data, and I got
this error:

> CurrentPred(GLM=T, GBM=T, GAM=T, CTA=T, ANN=T, SRE=T,
+ FDA=T, MARS=F, RF=T, BinRoc=T, BinKappa=T,
+ BinTSS=T, FiltKappa=T)
Error en apply((x > y), 2, as.integer) :
  el objeto (list) no puede ser coercionado a 'integer'

 the object (list) cannot be coerced to 'integer'

System details:
- 32-bit
-Windows 7
-R 2.15.0
- BIOMOD_1.1_7.03 and I installed it using the *"install.packages" *command

Any help would be very useful.
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