[Biomod-commits] Quant = 0.000 in Surface Range Envelopes

Damien Georges damien.georges2 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 13 12:08:35 CEST 2012

Dear Anne,

In fact, SRE models are rebuilt each time you call them within biomod 
(even in projection stuff). That implies that you have to give to the 
functions the defined quantil each time you want to work with SRE.

My guess is that maybe you forgot to fill the quant parameter in 
projection function so the default value (e.g. 0.025) is considered.

I made some test and the 0.00 % quantil value seems to work well.

Hope thet helps,



On 13/07/2012 10:28, Anne Blach Overgaard wrote:
> Dear BIOMOD group,
> I am using Biomod version 1.1.7 in R 2.15.0 and have the following 
> question. Is it possible to model full distributions using SRE instead 
> of restricting the ranges within the 0.025 or 0.050 percentiles? I can 
> see in the Biomod presentation manual which comes with the package 
> that it is specified that "any value will do" and I am very sure I 
> have been able to do this with previous versions of BIOMOD, but when I 
> specify SRE = T, quant = 0.000 it produces the same range as SRE = T, 
> quant = 0.025. I am also using SRE to project distributions in the 
> future and in this regard I am very interested in getting the 100% 
> range and not restrict it within any percentile. Any suggestions will 
> be highly appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> Anne
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