[Biomod-commits] New version of biomod is available !!

Damien Georges damien.georges2 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 10 16:14:34 CEST 2012

Dear BIOMOD-users,

You were eagerly waiting for it, and we are happy to say that the new 
version of BIOMOD called biomod2 is now online on R-Forge.

You can install it in R typing : *
*|install.packages("biomod2", repos= c("http://R-Forge.R-project.org", 
getOption("repos")), dependencies=TRUE)


Although we kept the same modelling philosophy than the former version 
(which we will still maintain for a while), we have made crucial 
changes. biomod2 is now fully object-oriented and made for running on a 
single species only (see vignette MultiSpeciesModelling 
<../../../library/biomod2/doc/Multi_species_computation.pdf> for 
multi-species modelling at once). For advanced BIOMOD users, the new 
functions might be a bit disturbing at the beginning. Then, you will see 
that this new version is much more advanced and practical than the 
former ones. Among the novelties, the addition of MAXENT in the 
modelling techniques, a large range of evaluation metrics, a more 
refined definition of ensemble modelling and ensemble forecasting, the 
possibility to give presence-only data and environmental rasters to 
biomod2 and let it extract pseudo-absence data directly.

We have created several vignettes for you to get use to this new version 
and a figure explaining the different ways of giving data to BIOMOD.

Please bear in mind that R-Forge is a development platform, it means 
that this new package would experience repeated updating the next couple 
of weeks (correcting bugs, adding documentation, adding functionalities) 
so think about updating the package before each new study you will do.

Last but not least, all comments are welcome! If you find a bug, if you 
think some documentation points are unclear, if you think about new 
functionalities that may be useful, just let us know ASAP.

We count on you to help finalizing this new version to a very nice tool. 
We will then release it to CRAN by the end of July. Please remember to 
add your code, R-version, OS and BIOMOD-version every time you report a 
bug or a mistake in the vignette or help files.

Hoping you will enjoy this new version of BIOMOD.

With our best wishes,

Damien & Wilfried
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