[Biomod-commits] projection maximum values

Brenna Forester brenna.forester at duke.edu
Tue Jan 10 18:10:49 CET 2012

Hello everyone -

I'm wondering what the projection values (highs/lows) indicate, if anything.

For example - I reran my models with a few changes (variables and records used) and had higher ROC scores than the first run, but the maximum projected values were lower for all models (e.g. the maximum value for FDA in the first run was 997, while in the second run, which had a higher ROC score, the highest projected value was only 898).

What do these differences mean?  And how do they effect ensemble averaging (e.g. mean of projections) if the maximum values are so much less than 1000?  Are the max/min values scaled in some way?

Thank you for your input,

Brenna Forester
PhD Student
Program in Ecology
Duke University
Durham, NC, US
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