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Thu Oct 6 15:56:12 CEST 2011

Dear Wilfried,

I made models for a species with diferent algorithms and 10 runs per
algorithm. However, my results are quite odd when I project my models to the
complete study area.  For some of the algorithms some of the runs look ok
but other runs appear all as 0. I explain more below.

a)     I make my models and then check my binary predictions and the
continuous values; they look OK.

The Evaluation results of one run (as example) are:

   Cross.validation indepdt.data total.score Cutoff Sensitivity Specificity

ANN            0.657         none        0.83  0.999      66.667      98.644

GAM            0.788         none       0.912  1.978      91.667      83.122

GBM            0.939         none       0.986  1.896      91.667      96.398

GLM             0.78         none       0.913  1.995      83.333      86.969

RF             0.795         none       0.952  0.665      91.667      91.216

b)    Then I project the models to the complete study area because in order
to train the model I just used 9000 cells of a separated file. However, I
get the runs all with values that do not correspond to the above mentioned
prediction and all the map runs seem to be the same. Besides that, my values
in the colot graph go from “-1e-03” to “1e-03”, but the maps are all of a
continuous colour with a value of around 0.

c)     If I also check the binary predictions of these projections I get
exactly the same than above.

d)    When I extract the projections directly without applying the BinRoc  for
example, and then I apply the Cutoff value that appears in the
Evaluation.Results using for example ArcGIS for the algorithm and specific
run then my binary map is a bit different than when I just call the
projection with the binary predicition BinRoc directly from BIOMOD.

Do you have any idea of what could be going wrong with the projections? This
is very weird because as I mentioned before the predictions and the binary
predictions look fine but the problems start with the projections in the
complete area.

Thank you in advance.

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