[Biomod-commits] Extracting pseudoabsence pulls from Models()

Brenna Forester forestb at students.wwu.edu
Fri May 13 23:58:53 CEST 2011

Hi everyone,

I would like to see which pseudoabsences BIOMOD pulled for each PA run.  I've already run Models() as so:

Initial.State(Response=Sp.Env[,c(1)], Explanatory=Sp.Env[,4:10],
        IndependentResponse=NULL, IndependentExplanatory=NULL, sp.name="Rhodiola")

Models(GLM = T, TypeGLM = "quad", Test = "AIC", GBM = T, No.trees = 5000, GAM = T,
        CTA = T, CV.tree = 50, ANN = T, CV.ann = 5, SRE = F, FDA = T, MARS = T, RF = T,
        NbRunEval = 5, DataSplit = 70, Yweights=NULL, NbRepPA=5, strategy="random",
        nb.absences=3000, Roc=T, Optimized.Threshold.Roc=T, Kappa=T, TSS=T,
        KeepPredIndependent = F, VarImport=5)

Can I extract the PA pulls (which grid cells it used) for each of the 5 PA runs?

Thank you!
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