[Biomod-commits] plotting using level.plot

Deborah A Reusser dreusser at usgs.gov
Wed Mar 16 01:16:38 CET 2011


I am working with data for estuaries in Washington, Oregon, and California 
in the United States.  I created a dataframe for the coordinates that are 
identical to the sample CoorXY dataframe, with 3 columns of data, ID, X, 

When I plot the data using the plot function everything is spatially 
correct. However, when I use the level.plot function, the data appear to 
be twisted into some other pattern that isn't spatially recognizable. Is 
the level.plot function using a version of the image function? and is the 
expectation of the level.plot function a grid of data?

I'd be happy to send along the datafile

Debbie Reusser, Ph.D.
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