[Biomod-commits] Projection raster error: Error in x at layers [[i]] : subscript out of bounds

James Lukey James.Lukey.1 at nd.edu
Thu Jun 9 03:56:59 CEST 2011

I am currently working on projecting the future distributions of various species under climate change using other programs (mostly openModeller, OM), but I would like to be able to compare those projections to those made in BIOMOD, as BIOMOD has a few models that aren't offered in OM that are supposed to be quite useful.  I have been working with BIOMOD and I can get projections, but in order to have direct comparisons I would like to export rasters to ArcGIS.  However, I am unable to get the Projection.raster() function to work correctly.  I have worked through a few errors but I am now stumped at this error:  Error in x at layers [[i]]  : subscript out of bounds

Any help or even pointing me to code that works for this function would be greatly appreciated.  Also, in case it matters I have been modeling my species information on the 19 Bioclim layers.



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