[Biomod-commits] Help with data formatting

SHANNON GRAEME LEBEL sg2lebel at students.latrobe.edu.au
Thu Jun 2 02:51:36 CEST 2011

Hi everyone

I am new(ish) to R and Biomod and am modelling the response of a suite of species to a number of environmental variables.

I have a DEM at 3 differing resolutions containing 2.6 million, 23 million, and 220 million grid cells.   When preparing data for import to R for modelling species distributions in BIOMOD, do I need to include the lat/longs and  values of each of my environmental variables for every grid cell of the DEM??, and then specify presence/absence for my species, or just the values in the grid cells where I have species presence???

Also, what is the best format for my data??  At the moment, I am importing my data to .txt format as .xlsx can only cope with 1.04 million rows.

Thanks in advance

Shannon LeBel
PhD Candidate
Plant Ecology Lab
Dept of Botany
La Trobe University
VIC 3086

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