[Biomod-commits] Problem with projection by BIOMOD to raster files

Horchler at bafg.de Horchler at bafg.de
Mon Feb 14 17:34:06 CET 2011

Dear list members,

I would like to project BIOMOD results (best model) to a raster file in order to import it into ArcGIS 9.3.
I tried a rather simple example with two predictor variables and two species as response variables but got the following error message:

> Error in xzfile(file, "wb", compression = 9) : 
  cannot open connection 

Here is what I types in R:

a<- read.csv2("E:\\data.csv", h=T, row.names=1)


vmhq = raster("E:/vmhq")
UFD = raster("E:/UFD")
Var = stack(vmhq, UFD)

Sp.Env <- a[c(1:2, 6:11)]

CoorXY <- a[1:2]

Initial.State(Response=a[,9:10], Explanatory=a[,6:7],
IndependentResponse=a[,9:10], IndependentExplanatory=a[,6:7])

Models(GLM = TRUE, TypeGLM = "quad", Test = "AIC", CTA = TRUE, CV.tree = 50, ANN = TRUE, CV.ann = 2,
   NbRunEval = 2, DataSplit = 80, Roc=TRUE, Optimized.Threshold.Roc=TRUE, Kappa=TRUE, TSS=TRUE, VarImport=5,
   NbRepPA=0, strategy="circles", coor=CoorXY, distance=2, nb.absences=1000)

Projection.raster(RasterProj = Var, Proj.name="Istzust", GLM=TRUE, BinKappa=TRUE, FiltKappa=TRUE)

> Fehler in xzfile(file, "wb", compression = 9) : 
  kann Verbindung nicht öffnen

which means:
Error in xzfile(file, "wb", compression = 9) : 
  cannot open connection

Could you please let me know what's wrong.
Many thanks in advance!

Best rergards,


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