[Biomod-commits] qual.th and the models in the ensemble

Frederico Mestre mestre.frederico at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 14:58:08 CET 2011

Hello all:

I’m running some ensembles and projecting them in a GIS.

First, I tried to run an ensemble using all the models (not setting any
value to “qual.th”). And then I visualize the results in a GIS. The result
maps looked pretty good (apparently the models correctly classified areas
where the species occurs as those where it is more probable, and it might
have predicted the locations of some new populations).

These results, apparently, are good. But, when I run another ensemble
trying to use only the best models (setting the qual.th=0.8, or even 0.7),
I get the error:

Error in if (sum(ProbData) != 0) { :

missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed

What does this mean? None of the models has a value higher than 0.8 (or
0.7)? How is it possible if the models apparently are good in classifying
the areas where the species occurs?

What am I missing?


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