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Wilfried Thuiller wilfried.thuiller at ujf-grenoble.fr
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Dear Brenna,

You are right. In your particular case, Cross-validation on total-score should give exactly the same results. I guess that the small difference only comes from some rounding issues.
And yes, the small decrease between total.score and index does show a very small (or no) tendency to over fit.

> Similarly, in a 2009 GEB article by Coetzee et al. using BIOMOD, they provided a Table (1) showing AUC and TSS statistics (mean, min and max) for "Calibration", "Evaluation" and "Original (Calibration + Evaluation)" for their models.  If someone could clarify how those categories correspond with the evaluation output in BIOMOD that would be very helpful.

We do not give the Calibration outputs anymore in BIOMOD. It was in an old version for that paper. 
Evaluation => either cross-validations or independent 
Original => total.score. 



> Thanks!
> Brenna Forester
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