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Frederico Mestre mestre.frederico at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 12:07:14 CEST 2011

Dear Wilfried,


I had already checked the number of dimensions and I had 3 dimensions in
each file, like this:


> dim(Total_consensus_current_Bin)

[1] 11926     1     6

> dim(Total_consensus_proj2020A1_Bin)

[1] 11926     1     6


Because I thought BIOMOD was giving this error due to the number of
dimensions being different.


Am I doing something wrong?






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Dear Frederico,


Migration(CurrentPred = Total_consensus_current_Bin[,,1], FutureProj =
Total_consensus_proj2020A1_Bin[,,1], X=coordxy[,1], Y=coordxy[,2],



First: do I have to use the consensus file _Bin or can I use the one with
the probabilities?


You have to use a binary vector, yes. I could have make it for probabilities
indeed, but this is not the case at the moment. I might get a look to see
how easy it would be to adapt it. 

Second: I’m getting this error “Error in CurrentPred[, 1] : incorrect number
of dimensions”.






I guess you have 4 dimensions in Total_consensus_current_Bin. You need to
specific the fourth dimension in the squared brackets. 


Total_consensus_current_Bin[,,1,1] something like that. 






What might be happening?




Frederico Mestre


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