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Bruno Lafourcade brunolafourcade at aol.com
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Hi Ashley,

What could have happened is that you set NbRepPA to a value higher than 0. In this case, the predictions
are only done on the data selected for calibration, i.e. partial data. 

Another way to check it out is by using the Projection() function with the same input data. In that case, you
should definitely have the full extent of the data.



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For my project I am looking at a species that is widespread throughout the Eastern US.  After running the models I used the level.plot command to few some of my output.  The problem is that I am only getting a plot of half of the Eastern US, the southern states are missing and the map seems very distorted.  I feel pretty confident that my input files were correct, but perhaps there is something that I have overlooked.  Any ideas on why I am not getting the full extent of my data?


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