[Biomod-commits] na.action in BIOMOD

Luise Neumann-Cosel senzaparlando at googlemail.com
Thu Oct 7 12:17:40 CEST 2010


I am using BIOMOD version 1.1.5 (in R version 2.11.1). I trained the
models more or less successful but i now have trouble with the
Projection function:

My command:
Projection(Proj=swiss_data[,5:40], Proj.name="Swiss1", ANN=T, CTA=T,
GLM=F, GBM=T, MARS=T, RF=T, SRE=T, quant=0.025,
BinRoc=T, BinKappa=F, BinTSS=F, FiltRoc=F, FiltKappa=F, FiltTSS=F,

results in the error message:
Error in predict.nnet(object, Proj, type = "raw") : missing values in 'x'
In addition: Warning message:
In rm(list = ModelName) : object 'Alpenschneehuhn_ANN_full' not found

Actually, my data contains missing values. Is there any possibility to
deal with NAs in the dataset? Can I somehow define na.action?

Any help or comments would be great.
Luise Neumann-Cosel

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