[Biomod-commits] Error in Projection

Samiya Selim bs09sas at leeds.ac.uk
Thu Mar 25 14:39:15 CET 2010


I keep getting errors when I use the projection function. This is the  
error I am getting now:

+ CTA=T,ANN=T,SRE=T,Perc025=T,Perc05=F,MDA=T,MARS=T,RF=T,
+ BinRoc=T,BinKappa=T,BinTSS=T,FiltRoc=T,FiltKappa=T,FiltTSS=T,
+ repetition.models=T)
Error in dimnames(data) <- dimnames :
   length of 'dimnames' [4] not equal to array extent

I have checked that the same variable names in 'area' than in the data  
you use to calibrate the models. As well as number of columns and  
rows. What else could I check?

Thank you,

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