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Dear R-forge-List,

I'm using the package biomod to identify areas of potential distribution of abutterfly. I don't have independent data to test, so I'm using a partition ofthe data 80/20. Maybe I should say as well that I chose to run the Models withonly 1 repetitions but 2 runs of Pseudo-absences, and also that I'm running this models under R-2.9.2 linux. But I have also tried to run it under windows R-2.11. (without much success because of the memory limit issue)

I have 4 questions.
1. In the tutorial for this package is described the function level.plot. It isuseful to plot the results of every model but in the tutorial they ran theModels with "independent data", Is there any possibility to use thisfunction without having to run the models with independent data?

level.plot(Pred_Ag_cing[,"RF",1,1],coorxy,title='Ag_cingulata RF')

Error in level.plot(Pred_Ag_cing[, "RF", 1, 1], coorxy, title ="Ag_cingulata RF") : 
 data and coordinates should be of the same length 

[1] 2697182

[1] 1350

It gives me an error saying that the coordinates and the data must be the samelength, (the truth is I don't get why without running the models withindependent data it doesn't get the same length but with independent it does.) 

2. Is there any possibility to export the data to make
the plots as an ascii files so can be imported into GIS? I know there is the function Projection.raster (under windows R.2.11) but when I try to imported into GIS it doesn't show anything (does it also exist in Linux?) 

3. When using Projection.raster function, it doesn't produce the output that the functions Ensemble.forecasting and ProjectionBestModel requires to work. But if I use the function Projection is not possible to export them as ascii files. Is it true?, Is there anyway to solve this? 

4. If the only way to plot the outputs of the models in GIS is by extracting themodel and using Raster Calculator, how do I get the final models of RandomForest, MARS and GAM?

Any help would be very much appreciated, 

Thanks a lot in advanced,

Liliana Ballesteros
PhD Student
University of Basel


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