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Julie julie at ibcas.ac.cn
Wed Jan 20 09:15:53 CET 2010

Dear colleagues,
when I try to run Migration () (R version 2.10.1 with all necessary up-to-date packages and BIOMOD 1.1.3)  I get an error message which I cannot interpret.
Data.frame-structure: 15213 points, 14 climate predictors, one species. I run a projection with the original dataset to have it in the same format as the future (w25CCM_A_2050) projection.
My code:
Migration(CurrentPred = Total_consensus_Original[,,1], FutureProj = Total_consensus_w25CCM_A_2050[,,1], X=CoorXY[,1], Y=CoorXY[,2], MaxMigr=1, Pred.Save="w25CCM_A_2050.Migration")  
Error message:
Error in matrix(0, nrow = NrowCur) : non-numeric matrix extent
Maybe the error is made by something different between the current and future datasets? Then I changed the future projection to the same dataset as current one as follows:
Migration(CurrentPred = Total_consensus_Original[,,1], FutureProj = Total_consensus_Original[,,1], X=CoorXY[,1], Y=CoorXY[,2], MaxMigr=1, Pred.Save="w25CCM_A_2050.Migration")
I still get the same error messages. What's mean of the error ? Any ideas, suggestions?
Thanks, cheers!


Julie Ph.D. 
Assistant Professor
Research Center for Plant Ecology
Institute of Botany,Chinese Academy of Sciences
20 Nanxincun, Xiangshan, Beijing, China 100093
E-mail: julie at ibcas.ac.cn
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