[Biomod-commits] BIOMOD manual, page 7

Manuel Spínola mspinola10 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 17:14:27 CEST 2010

  Dear list members,

I am trying to run the example in BIOMOD manual.

In page 7 it says regarding to example file (Sp.Env):

"The syntax in the Initial.State function is the following:
Response: The response variables to model. In our example, the species 
occurrences are located from the column 9 to 15."

Is that correct?  I counted 18 columns for the data set and the species 
appear to be in columns 11-18


Regarding to the explanatory variables says:

"Explanatory: The explanatory or independent variables. In our example, 
the environmental
variables, called Var1 to Var6 are located in the columns 2 to 8."

I identified the explanatory variables in columns 4 - 10, and there are 
7 instead of 6 variables.

Is there a mistake in the manual or I am missing something?
Thank you very much in advance.



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