[Biomod-commits] Projection.raster, GIS and conversion of predictions into formats readable in ArcGIS

Anne Overgaard anne.overgaard at biology.au.dk
Mon Aug 2 16:57:43 CEST 2010

Dear BIOMOD group,

Can anyone please tell me how I convert my predictions from BIOMOD into a
format which can be read in ArcGIS? I have used the function
Projection.raster to project my models directly onto a stack of the
environmental layers I used for the models, however, I continuously run into
memory issues, so thought projecting the models onto the full extent of my
study area using the Projection function, and then convert these projections
to e.g. a text format which can be imported into ArcGIS would potentially be
a better solution given the memory issues (which I have tried to solve using
all the methods previously suggested even swithing to a PC with 6GB RAM).
Any ideas on how to convert these projections??

Best regards,

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