[Biomod-commits] Ensemble.Forecasting error

Alisa Wade alisaww at gmail.com
Thu Apr 15 18:59:48 CEST 2010

I am receiving an Ensemble.Forecasting error that I can not solve. Has
anyone else seen this?

Here are my calls:

#MDA=T must be changed to FDA = T; incorrect in the manual, correct in the
online help pages
#Need this to make ANN to work (says invalid weight vector in nnet)
caseweights =matrix(ncol = ncol(spp.Mat), nrow = nrow(spp.Mat));
caseweights[,] =1

Models(GLM = T, TypeGLM = "quad", Test = "AIC", GBM = T, No.trees = 3000,
GAM = T,
CTA = T, CV.tree = 50, ANN = T, CV.ann = 3, SRE = T, Perc025=T, Perc05=F,
FDA = T,
MARS = T, RF = T, NbRunEval = 4, DataSplit = 80,Yweights=caseweights,
Roc=T, Optimized.Threshold.Roc=T, Kappa=T, TSS=T, KeepPredIndependent = F,

##all outputs look correct/exist; Evaluation.results.xxx all exist (except
for SRE under Roc is NA)

Projection (Proj = env.Dat.Fut[,c(1, 3:20)], Proj.name = "NCAR_fut", GLM =
GBM = T, GAM = T, CTA = T, ANN = T, SRE = T, Perc025 = T, Perc05 = F,
FDA = T, MARS = T, RF = T, BinRoc = T, BinKappa = T, BinTSS = T,
FiltRoc = T, FiltKappa = T, FiltTSS = T, repetition.models=TRUE)

##all outputs look correct/exist

And here is my ensemble call attempts and resulting errors:

##If I use FDA instead of MDA, it gives me an FDA error, no matter what
weight.method or bin.method I use or no matter if FDA turned on or off

Ensemble.Forecasting(ANN = T, CTA=T, GAM = T, GBM = T, FDA=T, GLM = T, MARS
= T, RF = T, SRE = F, Proj.name= "NCAR_fut", weight.method='Kappa',
PCA.median=T, binary=T, bin.method='Kappa', Test=T, decay=2,

Error in Ensemble.Forecasting(ANN = T, CTA = T, GAM = T, GBM = T, FDA = T,
  unused argument(s) (FDA = T)

##If I use MDA, then I get a parse error, no matter the bin method

Ensemble.Forecasting(ANN = T, CTA=T, GAM = T, GBM = T, MDA=T, GLM = T, MARS
= T, RF = T, SRE = F, Proj.name= "NCAR_fut", weight.method='Roc',
PCA.median=T, binary=T, bin.method='Roc', Test=T, decay=2,
Error in !eval(parse(text = j)) : invalid argument type

Is this just a problem with ensemble.forecasting using the old MDA
terminology when all the other functions have been changed to FDA?
Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for any ideas,
Alisa A. Wade
Postdoctoral Center Associate
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis
wade at nceas.ucsb.edu
(406) 529-9722
home email: alisaww at gmail.com
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