[Biomod-commits] object 'FDA' not found

Raquel Garcia raquel.ag at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 19:35:32 CEST 2010

I have installed the latest Biomod version and am getting the following
error messages when I do a trial run with 2 species:

When I run all the models:

Models(GLM = T, TypeGLM = "poly", Test = "AIC", GBM = T, No.trees = 2000,
GAM = T,
Spline = 3, CTA = T, CV.tree = 50, ANN = T, CV.ann = 2, SRE = T, Perc025=T,
Perc05=F, MDA = T,
MARS = T, RF = T, NbRunEval = 3, DataSplit = 80, Yweights=NULL, Roc = T,
Optimized.Threshold.Roc = T,
Kappa = T, TSS=T, KeepPredIndependent = T, VarImport=5, NbRepPA=2,
coor=coordc, distance=2, nb.absences=1000)

  unused argument(s) (MDA = T)

If I set MDA to False, or replace it with FDA, I can run the models but then
get an error message at the ensemble step: 

Ensemble.Forecasting(Proj.name= "test10", weight.method='Roc', PCA.median=T,
binary=T, bin.method='Roc', Test=F, decay=1.6, repetition.models=T)

Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos) : object 'FDA' not found

Any idea what might be wrong?  Thanks in advance,

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