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Wilfried Thuiller wilfried.thuiller at ujf-grenoble.fr
Thu Sep 3 20:47:00 CEST 2009

Dear César,
The manual is located into the BIOMOD library.
You can find into the following folder (could be slightly different 
depending on the OS or machine you are using:


or somethink like that: C:/Program Files/R/R.2.9.2./library/BIOMOD/doc

This is the same for every manual or doc file in R.

You should normally get a direct access to if you type the command in 
the R console:
vignette("Biomod Manual.pdf")
Unfortunately we have to update something before it works properly. I'll 
let the maillist knows as soon as it is done (very very soon).

Hope it helps,

César Capinha a écrit :
> Dear "Biomodelers"
> I'm using BIOMOD for predictions with some invasives and I’m in the 
> need of some deeper explanation on how certain thighs work in BIOMOD.  
> I've noticed in the help files several references to the "manual" such 
> as "(see the manual for further explanations)" but I can't find such 
> information source. Can you tell me where is it located?
> Cheers,
> César Capinha
> --
> IMAR - Institute of Marine Research
> c/o Department of Landscape,
> Environment and Planning
> University of Évora
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