[Biomod-commits] trouble running the R samples

Deborah Reusser dreusser at usgs.gov
Thu May 14 19:13:25 CEST 2009

Thank you for the update

Monday I downloaded the most recent version of R (2.9.0) and the most 
recent BIOMOD package (1.1.0).  I noticed the front of the manual with 
the tutorial has changed and it was much more helpful.  I was able to 
work through several of the examples and run the models command without 
issue on several examples.  I've also worked through several examples in 
the r-ex folder (found a few mistakes but was able to fix them and move 
on).  However I am now stuck on the map.plot function.  It gives me a 
variety of errors depending on which pieces and parts I modify, but I 
can't seem to find the magic combination of changes to get that one to 
work.  The graph opens, but only the original data are plotted, along 
with the actual values for each of the models in the lower right hand 
corner.  The other 7 plots are blank and I get an error relating to the 
dimension of something.

I hope this helps in the trouble shooting.  I would be happy to test 
things out as you get them updated.  I have several very large 
marine/estuarine datasets that we would like to start niche modeling for 
native and nonindigenous species in the Northeast Pacific using BIOMOD.

Wilfried Thuiller wrote:
> Dear Debbie,
> Sorry, we have made some major updates and some help files are not 
> up-to-date (notably on the examples).
> We are working on it. The examples in the Manual should work.
> Everything should be up and running by the end of next week. Sorry for 
> the disagreement.
> Best
> Wilfried
> Deborah A Reusser a écrit :
>> I am having a challenge running the BIOMOD samples in R. I can't find 
>> the private functions mentioned in the manual at all, and after I run 
>> initial state, and then try to run models() I get an error.  I feel 
>> like I've missed part of the setup.
>> Any assistance would  be most appreciated.
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