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Bruno Lafourcade brunolafourcade at aol.com
Mon Dec 7 16:00:20 CET 2009


Hi Manuela and other BIOMODers,

I am very puzzled with this one. I have encounetered it several times before and it seems to come from
various possibilities and I haven't yet figured out how to solve it completely. 

I believe some of the operations that the function is to be doing areencountering absent data, at least that's what I came up with.
I would advise you to try and switch on/off some of the arguments. Ibelieve "binary" and "Test" would surely make a difference if
switched off.

Also, maybe just setting "repetition.models" to TRUE might skip the problem even if the others are kept as FALSE. It is a late 
improvement and might not totally be bug free on the overall of the function.

Thanks for reporting any advances.



Bruno Lafourcade
Statistical tools engineer

Laboratoire d'Ecologie Alpine, bureau 308
CNRS - UMR 5553, 2233 rue de la piscine
38400 Saint Martin d'Hères


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Dear all,

I encountered a problem with the Ensemble.Forecasting() function.

I am working on 1 species (678 obs. - 10 variables).

I get models with the function:
Models(GLM=T, TypeGLM="poly", Test="AIC", GBM=T, No.trees = 5000, GAM= T,
CTA=T, CV.tree =50, ANN=T, CV.ann=3, SRE=F, Perc025=TRUE, Perc05=FALSE,
MDA=T, MARS=T, RF=T, NbRunEval = 3, DataSplit = 80, VarImport=5, Roc = T, 
      Optimized.Threshold.Roc = T, Kappa = F, TSS = F)

... then I projected the models:
Projection (Proj = pres[,4:13], Proj.name="pres", GLM = T, GBM = T, GAM = T,
CTA = T, ANN = T, SRE = F, Perc025 = T, Perc05 = F, MDA =T, MARS = T, RF =
T, BinRoc = T, BinKappa = F, BinTSS = F, FiltRoc = F, FiltKappa = F,
FiltTSS = F, repetition.models = F)

finally the Ensemble.Forecasting function -

Ensemble.Forecasting(Proj.name= "pres", weight.method = "Roc", decay = 1.6,
                    PCA.median = F, binary = T, bin.method = "Roc",
                    Test = T, repetition.models = F)

gave me this error:

Errore in if (sum(ProbData) != 0) { :
  valore mancante dove è richiesto TRUE/FALSE

(The english translation of the second line is: "missig value where
TRUE/FALSE is required")

What is wrong?
I would be very grateful for any help


Manuela D'Amen
PhD student
Lab Zoology and Animal Biology
Department of Environmental Biology
University of Roma Tre, Rome, Italy

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