[Biomod-commits] Models(...) output shorter than my data

Dirk Amsel dark_imsel at yahoo.de
Tue Aug 11 13:46:38 CEST 2009

Dear Wilfried, hello all!

I have worked the examples from the Help files, such as ?Models and ?Projection, and they run without problems.

However, when I apply the very same commands to my data, something goes wrong.

Essentially, after the call to Models(..., sp.name = "Species1") (btw, why do I have to name a single species, when two unnamed species are acceptable?), I have

> load("pred/Pred_Species1")
> dim(Pred_Species1)
[1] 2953    9    3    2
> dim(env_na) # env_na is my data matrix ("Sp.Env" in ?Models)
[1] 176456     14
> # ?

where 2953 == 1953 + 1000 == number of presences + nb.absences. Finally, level.plot complains about these different dimensions, 2953 vs. 176456. But in the example from ?Models, these dimension match.

What is going wrong -- any ideas?

Best regards,


p.s. I have attached the full transcript of my R session

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