[adegenet-forum] Using adegenet with morphometric data

Emma White Emma.White at Marine.ie
Fri Nov 22 17:25:50 CET 2019


I had a look through the archive for morphometric related questions and I only found one so hopefully I'm not duplicating any questions.

I am trying to compare morphometric data with some genetic data from the same samples and my colleague has used adegenet to carry out some analysis which I would like to replicate. I have successfully used the find.cluster function but when I go to use the pop function to see how well the function clustered my data compared with the actual groups I get the following error: "Error in (function (classes, fdef, mtable) : unable to find an inherited methof for function 'pop' for signature '"data.frame"'". My dataset is a list but when I looked up the pop function, it can only take genind and genepop objects, is that correct? If so, is there another way to find out how the actual groups compare to the find.cluster output so that I can continue on to correctly perform a DAPC on my data? I tried to run a DAPC with the following code mydata.dapc <- dapc(mydata) but there were no data points on the graph.

Thanks for your help.


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