[adegenet-forum] population in hardy-weinberg

Elisabetta Piazza elisabetta.piazza at studenti.unitn.it
Tue May 7 15:58:15 CEST 2019

Hi all,

I am working with genotypes data of fish and I'm interested in testing for
Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.
I've already run hw.test() function on the entire data set and on each pop
using (seppop and lapply) to test if each locus is in equilibrium.
I'm pretty new to this subject but I've found many papers suggesting that
it's also possible to test if a population is in HWE but I cannot find any
explanation of that.
There is a way using adegenet package to get this result?
I know that GenePop on the web allows to perform a global test but I was
wondering if it is possible to do the same in R and if any references are

Thank you,
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