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Dear Roman,First, thank you for the help. Unfortunaly, apparently your command not worked for me. I will try explain better my situation. I work with phytopathology and the fungus that I work affects different crops (I have put in my input file .csv the crops as my populations, different crops are different populations). Due the migration of genotypes of the fungus between the crops, inside of one group formed by DAPC there are genotypes obtained of different crops (populations) and for better viewing of this migration I want to plot the dots according of the hosts and not according of the groups formed by DAPC analysis. So, inside of one group there will are dots of different colors. I hope have explain better my situation and that you can help me.
Best regards,Lucas Veiga Ayres pimenta 

    Em Quinta-feira, 12 de Outubro de 2017 5:49, Roman Luštrik <roman.lustrik at biolitika.si> escreveu:

 Map `grp` argument to your desired grouping. Make sure that you pass `col` the correct number of colors which should match the number of groups you are specifying.
By default, coloring is done on grouping (see here). See this example:

pop(H3N2) <- factor(H3N2$other$epid)
dapc1 <- dapc(H3N2, var.contrib=FALSE, scale=FALSE, n.pca=150, n.da=5)

data.frame(dapc1$grp, pop(H3N2)) # they are matching


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Dear all,I would like to know what I can do for the dots in DAPC graph to be colored according to the populations and not according to the DAPC analysis groups?

Best regards,
Lucas Veiga Ayres Pimenta
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