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Hi Massi,

tough one! For this kind of customisation you'd have to calculate the ellipse manually. To figure out how it's done in ade4, check out the code of s.class, and scatterutil.ellipse.

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good morning,

I have a nice scatter graph of my dapc:

        scree.pca=TRUE, ratio.pca=0.15,
        scree.da=TRUE, ratio.da=0.15,
        cstar=1,  axesell=FALSE,
        cex=1, grid=FALSE, addaxes=TRUE)

what I would like to do is to re-draw one of the confidence ellipses by excluding a few outliers from one of the populations and possibly show all ellipses calculated for each population + the “reduced” ellipse calculated on the population with excluded outliers

I’m not sure this is really possible though…

many thanks in advance for your answer

all the best


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