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Hi Irina,

I am not sure I understand what you are after, so sorry if I miss the point. If you want to represent a different group to the one used in the DAPC analysis on the DAPC scatterplot, use the argument 'grp'; from ?scatter.dapc:

  grp: a factor defining group membership for the individuals. The
          scatterplot is optimal only for the default group, i.e. the
          one used in the DAPC analysis.


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I'm new to R and would be extremely grateful if someone could help me with my problem. I need to indicate (with labels, with color, etc.) the original group assignment of every individual in the DAPC inferred clusters on the scatter plot. table.value(table(pop(x), grp$grp) is showing the type of plot I'm after but it's a bit confusing when you have to consider two plots at the same time so I'm looking for a way to combine both in one plot if it is possible.

Many thanks,

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