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Hi Norman,

please check the guidelines when posting - this question has been answered a few times on this forum.

Check for instance:

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Thank you

I am now using Fstat format and this is what I am getting

> obj <- read.fstat(system.file("files/rhizoc.dat",package="adegenet"))

Error in if (toupper(.readExt(file)) != "DAT") stop("File extension .dat expected") :
argument is of length zero

The data  I am using is as attached. I used the same data for calculating population genetic parameters in FSTAT package

Thanks  for your help


On Wednesday, August 19, 2015 8:02 PM, Vojtěch Zeisek <vojta at trapa.cz> wrote:


Dne St 19. srpna 2015 17:24:01, normanm muzhinji napsal(a):
>  I am trying to import my data using structure format but I am getting thisr
> message Error in if (!toupper(.readExt(file)) %in% c("STR", "STRU"))
> stop("File extension .stru expected") : argument is of length zero

Which commands did You use? How do Your data look like?

> Could you kindly help on what commands to use for importing a data saved on
> my documents or /on desktop to adegenet for analysis.

You probably started with documentation
https://github.com/thibautjombart/adegenet/wiki/Tutorials We then need to know
what You did to find out what went wrong...

> Thanks for your help


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