[adegenet-forum] Changes to Scatter Function

Roy Francis Mathew RoyFrancis.Mathew at agrsci.dk
Sat Jul 2 16:33:09 CEST 2011

I have noticed that the scatter function has been improved and arguments have changed slightly.
The addition of the legend is helpful. And the other additional features are fantastic.
I was wondering if the following are possible:

*Change the size of legend box and legend text/spacing etc
*Change the size of the plotted points (such as cex)
*It was possible to change the size and text of the subtitle of the inset plot, but no longer possible.
*When pch is changed on the graph it doesnt change in the legend
*Why does scatter give a completely different plot when used with result from dudi.pca?

Thanks in advance,

Roy Mathew Francis
royfrancis.mathew at agrsci.dk
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Faculty of Agricultural Sciences
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