[tlocoh-info] Removing duplicates in my data

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Hi Maja,
I had that problem as well. I suggest turning the option to show duplicates to TRUE because usually it gives you a list of the positions it is registering as duplicates so you can see what the problem is. At some point I would not get the list of duplicates even though it had them because the function was bumping into anther problem due to a few lines in my database with had NA's instead of valid position values, but once i made sure there were no empty positions, the duplicate list showed up. Another possibility: since you said you have added more than one animal, maybe there is a problem indicating the ID field which is causing T-LoCoH not to realize it is dealing with more than one individual. Make sure the id argument is set to the id field for each of your individuals. 


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Hello, I`ve just started to use T-LoCoH package for my data analysis. In the begining, when I tried it with my GPS data for just one individual, it worked well. Now, I am trying to apply the codes on data I have about one species and after I make lxy object and plot it, no further actions are possible, since it keeps to send error messages about duplicates, even though it said that certain number of them was removed immediately after I created my lxy object. I tried to disable duplicate check, I`ve tried to repair the lxy object, but it didn`t work.  Do you have any suggestions on how should I fix it? Thanks in advance. Maja
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