[tlocoh-info] Query on radio telemetry data

Bruce Miller batsncats at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 18:18:33 CET 2015

Hi all,

I tried unsuccessfully to use LOAS to derive predicted locations of 
radio tagged bats.
I have observer locations (X-Y)  and compass bearings (azimuths) to the 
signals and need to derive estimated locations of each transmitter.

The R based version of LOAS was allegedly to be ready last summer (2014) 
but is not yet available.

How can I best derive these points and export the points and potential 
confidence ellipses either as shape files or even locations as simple 
X-Y locations so I can map the bearings and estimated locations in a GIS?

I need to re-read the tlocoh documentation, but does this package 
provide this type of animal movement analyses?

I am in the field and w/o my full GIS software on my office workstation.

Data includes 16 nights of ground tracking teams and one plane with 2 
receivers and antennas flying overhead.
The Lotek receivers export the data files as logged TX freq. and 
positions but only as WGS84 decimal degrees and the rest of the data is 
based on UTM zone 11S northing and easting, as well as the planes GPS 
track for flights.

All include date-time stamps so linking in my master database is not an 

Any suggestions welcome.


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