[tlocoh-info] Hull metrics

Julia Krejci julia.krejci at chello.at
Wed Feb 11 14:53:07 CET 2015

Dear Mailinglist,

I'm currently trying to compare hull metrics (nsv and mnlv) of several
individuals and several sites. I want to know how long and how often
individual A visited site 1 and 2 and the same for individual B. Is there a
way to get more accurate values for specific sites than I can receive from
the images? Currently I have just plotted the hpp with the respective colour
code and try to compare colours but of course that's not very accurate, also
because the colours only represent ranges of values (like, yellow is 1 - 12,
orange is 12 - 24 and so on). 

Thank you for every advice!

Best wishes, 


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