[StatET-user] [Ann] Testing version of StatET 3.0

Stephan Wahlbrink stephan.wahlbrink at walware.de
Wed Feb 22 19:02:33 CET 2012

Dear StatET users,

I am pleased to announce a testing version of StatET 3.0.

The focus for this milestone was on the Sweave support and the 
integrated R graphic device.

== Short summary of new features ==

New Sweave editor, among other things with:
   - Outline
   - Code folding
   - Content assist in LaTeX code
   - Mark occurrences and Quick Rename in LaTeX code
   - Auto indent and Smart insert for LaTex code
   - Hyperlink support
   - Support for multiple Sweave document templates
   - Nearly all features of the R editor within R chunks

Improved Sweave build tool:
   - Newly added is a separate option for the working directory

Updated Texlipse version (1.5). Texlipse is no longer used for the 
Sweave editor, but is still included for the build tools.

Improved graphic device (rj.gd) with:
   - Support for rasterImage, polypath, dev.capture
   - Correct dev.capabilities
   - Support for canvas and bg color

Updated support for Roxygen (templates and tags)

== Installation of the testing version ==

Update site for Eclipse 3.7 (recommend):

Update site for Eclipse 3.6:

Please note that StatET 3.0 uses RJ 1.1, and requires updated rj 
packages. To install the packages in R:

install.packages(c("rj", "rj.gd"),




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