[Rcpp-devel] cannot find functions when using devtools::install_github

Kevin Kunzmann kevinkunzmann at gmx.net
Sun Sep 28 09:28:38 CEST 2014


so I am making slow but steady progress using the great Rcpp Ecosystem - 
this is so valuable to the 'occasional' C++ coder... It is only when you 
need to write a C extension for R that you realize why you switched to R 
from C in the first place ;)

So back to topic: When I try to use

install_github('kkmann/cme/', ref='dev')

and call


R does not find the name pMax (I am not trying to call it for the 
purpose of this test, the name is just not defined). However, if I do

git clone https://github.com/kkmann/cme.git
cd cme
git checkout dev

R does find the name pMax. What might cause this? I tried not tracking 
the RcppExports.cpp/R but that did not work either.



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