[Rcpp-devel] Need Help: debugging Rcpp with gdb on Windows 8

Kumar Aiyer kumar_neel at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 25 03:50:43 CEST 2014

John and Dirk:
Thanks for your help. I've taken up the issue the Win-64 bit DLL with NREL development team.

On Tuesday, September 23, 2014 4:02 PM, John Buonagurio <jbuonagurio at exponent.com> wrote:

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> On 23 September 2014 at 12:14, Kumar Aiyer wrote:
> | Hi John:
> | Thanks for the info. I have not checked if it works in vanilla MingW.
> | Doing that today. However here is the summary from the user guide
> | which clearly states it has been tested.  The problem may be with the 64bit
> libraries.
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Confirmed, seems to be a problem linking to the 64-bit DLLs. It works when building with g++ -m32 and running in 32-bit R. As Dirk suggests, just don't expect trouble-free operation between Rcpp and MSVC code. Since the API is simple enough, I'd personally use the old-fashioned R SEXP API in this case.

g++ -m32 -I"C:/R/R-3.1.1/include" -I"C:/R/R-3.1.1/library/Rcpp/include" -I"C:/SAM/ssc-sdk-2014-1-21" -c RcppSSC.cpp -o RcppSSC.o
g++ -m32 -shared -s -static-libgcc -L"C:/R/R-3.1.1/bin/i386" -L"C:/SAM/ssc-sdk-2014-1-21/win32" -o RcppSSC.dll RcppSSC.o -lssc -lR

> library(Rcpp)
> dyn.load("RcppSSC.dll")
> ssc.module <- Module("RcppSSC", PACKAGE="RcppSSC")
> ssc <- ssc.module$RcppSSC
> s <- new(ssc, "pvwattsv1")
Log Notice: precheck input: variable 'file_name' required but not assigned time -1

> In the context of the SSC library, maybe.
> Note that the example below uses C language code (and there is a reason)
> But what you are overlooking is that in general you CANNOT mix code from
> Visual Studio and MinGW for purposes of Rcpp -- and in general you CANNOT
> mix
> C++ code from different compilers.  So unless you get the source code
> C++ for SSC
> and learn how to build an Rcpp package __from sources__ ie without an
> external library you will be out of luck.
> This is all stated in the Rcpp-FAQ.
> Dirk
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