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Doxygen is so useful because it’s automatically generated. Keeping up with additions or changes with hand-crafted API documentation is not easy.

You should at least include a link to the Rcpp Gallery.


I’d prefer detailed documentation for the unit tests as they are very useful.

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Dear all,
I believe that everyone in this list has seen the benefit of using Rcpp to incorporate C++ code and develop R packages, but it's also the fact that currently there is rarely a complete reference which documents every detail of the classes and functions inside Rcpp.
To make this situation a little bit better, recently I've created a project that aims to accomplish this long run target. A quick view of what it looks like is available at my site: http://statr.me/rcpp-note/
Basically it's like the Doxygen documentation, but the content here was manually added rather than extracted from the Rcpp source code. For now I've finished some of the most commonly used classes in Rcpp, and do hope that more people are joining in, either by reviewing and correcting the existing documentation, or contributing your own knowledge.
I wish this project would be helpful for those who want to use Rcpp in their code and packages, and be more powerful and complete with the help of you experts in this list. If you are also interested in, don't hesistate to go to the project repository (https://github.com/yixuan/Rcpp-note), reporting mistakes, contributing document or giving suggestions.
Happy Rcpping!


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