[Rcpp-devel] R - couchbase R client using Rcpp

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Wed Mar 19 18:04:06 CET 2014

On 19 March 2014 at 17:32, amine gassem wrote:
| Context:
| I develop a new rcouchbase package client for couchbase. 
| I am following the example of rhiredis package.
| Including libcouchbase headers using : #include <libcouchbase/couchbase.h>works
| fine.  
| Problem:
| dyn.load failed to load symbol due to and undefined symbol: lcb_destroy. 
| I think this is a link problem because I don't tell Rcpp compiler where/how to
| find libcouchebase libs.
| Ho can I fix this?

There is no 'Rcpp compiler', only a C++ compiler called by 'R CMD ...'.  

You tell it what to link with via src/Makevars (Linux, OS X, ...) or
src/Makevars.win. See rhiredis for an (at this point) unconditional use of
the -lhiredis library.
| What I have tried:
| Should I create configure.in and makvers.in like in this RcppGSL package? 

It use a call to a script gsl-config --- and I use that same trick in other
packages.  It depends on what Couchbase supplies.

You could look at RPostgreSQL; or any other R packages using external
libraries. There are lots.

| Reading the vignette I did not see how can I adopt it for my needs. 
| Also from this vignette  it looks like this changed with Rcpp release 0.11.0.
| These files are now optional.
| And also, The rhiredis package don't provide a configure for autoconf, and I
| think  it works fine.

rhiredis is not a good example as it is not a CRAN -- so its build system is
not as polished.  It may not have gotten used anywhere but on Linux (and
build a hiredis library for CRAN / win-builder is on my TODO list).

Hope this helps, and as is this more-or-less "just" a basic "how do I write a
package" question, should we take this over to r-devel?


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