[Rcpp-devel] What is /usr/bin/r ?

Mike Willis mike.willis at warwick.ac.uk
Mon Mar 10 15:41:33 CET 2014

I'm making an rpm package to deploy to Linux machines I manage that 
contains, amongst other things, a copy of the Rcpp package. The purpose 
of this is that when a clsas that uses R is taught the lecturer doesn't 
have to start by getting all the students to install all the required 
packages. The package is made by installing all the packages myself, 
then taking a copy of my R library and packaging that to put the files 
in to the global R library directory. I've done this multiple times over 
the years with no problem.

On this occasion one of the requested packages evidently drags in Rcpp 
as a dependency and when I try to install my rpm package I get a 
dependency error that nothing provides /usr/bin/r. I've traced this to 
the Rcpp package which contains 44 files that begin

#!/usr/bin/r -t

Four randomly selected examples of  those 44 are:


Can someone tell me what /usr/bin/r refers to?

The executable for R is /usr/bin/R and it doesn't accept a -t option.

Please note I know next to nothing about R and even less about Rcpp.



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