[Rcpp-devel] Presentation of Rcpp in Meielisalp

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Wed Jun 29 22:35:31 CEST 2011

On 29 June 2011 at 22:02, Tama Ma wrote:
| Dear Dirk and Romain,
| 	I will be giving a talk on the power of the Rcpp wrapper tomorrow morning in the Meielisalp financial engineering workshop organized by Dielthem.
| 	Hereby, I attach the link of my presentation slides (in pdf), ie. 
| 		http://www.phys.ethz.ch/~pingnang/numerical-option-pricing-with-Rcpp.pdf 
|         Could I have your opinion on the slides, or is there something in it which you strongly do not allow me to speak on?

Well, this arrived just minutes ago, and I really only glanced at it. So
really quickly and as an unedited stream of consciousness:

i)    Your talk, your responsibility. You didn't need to ask here what we think.

ii)   The visual style consistently applies the worst elements of Powerpoint
      and stresses those. What a horror.  But hey, it's your talk and it is in
      front of a bunch of geeks.  But I'd learn Latex Beamer if I were
      you. And try to exercise some restraint.

iii)  You mention the standard API / inline / Rcpp progression but you fail to
      use Rcpp + templated headers via inline!  You _never_ have to leave the
      R prompt in that case.  That is the one thing you could consider
      changing. Inline and Rcpp rock. The list archives has examples of Rcpp
      and templated headers for MCMC, what you do here is exactly the same.

iv)   Great example of Rcpp modules use with the first option pricer. Nicely
      done, and a good motivation for why I should switch RQuantLib to use

v)    I got lost in what the 2nd or 3rd prices did anew. Your slides are too
      'noisy', and its late here (and I happen to be on the same timezone as
      you this week -- and wish I could have come to the Alp!)

vi)   OpenMP came to gcc/g++ earlier than 4.4.*, I think it was 4.2.*

vii)  You don't talk much about Rcpp and a glue between R and C++. I think you

viii) Below my (almost 10 year old) picture you have 'RCpp'. We typeset it

ix)   Good luck, and let us know what the audience says. I'd espcially
      interested in comments by Brian Ripley who has helped us a lot in build
      issues at different points but who otherwise seems to be somewhat
      critical of Rcpp.

x)    There is no tenth point.

| 	Thanks for any advice in advance. have a nice day!

Likewise. Good luck,  Dirk

| 	Thank you very much.
| Best regards,
| Tama Ma 
| (たまま / 馬秉能)
| pingnang at phys.ethz.ch
| www.phys.ethz.ch/~pingnang
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| ETH Hönggerberg
| 8093 Zürich
| Switzerland
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