[Rcpp-devel] [ANN] RSNNS 0.4-0

Christoph Bergmeir c.bergmeir at decsai.ugr.es
Tue Jun 21 15:29:58 CEST 2011

Hi everybody,

this is just to inform you that I released a new version of RSNNS, 0.4-0.

 From the changelog:

- The art2 demo was fixed
- changed package encoding to UTF-8
- wrapping of some of the missing functions was added
- artmap was added in the high-level interfact
- initialization to zero was added for all former static variables
   (this was not always performed before, but it turned out that some
   SNNS functions rely on this and crash otherwise, e.g. dlvq and artmap)
- segfaults related to Rcpp wrapping of (const char*) NULL were fixed
- an object serializaton mechanism was implemented that now allows for rsnns
   objects being saved and loaded through R's normal save/load mechanism
- new normalization functions were added that allow for denormalization,
   and norm of the test set with the parameters obtained on the training set
- some new high-level functions were implemented to extract internals of
   the neural networks (getWeights, getUnitDefinitions)
- documentation of the high-level functions was greatly improved with references
   to original literature and some descriptions
- original SNNS 4.2 User Manual was added to inst/doc


Christoph Bergmeir
e-mail: c.bergmeir at decsai.ugr.es
Grupo SCI2S, DiCITS Lab          (http://sci2s.ugr.es/DiCITS)
Dpto. de Ciencias de la Computacion e Inteligencia Artificial
E.T.S. Ingenierias de Informatica y Telecomunicacion
Universidad de Granada
18071 - GRANADA (Spain)

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