[Rcpp-devel] Error in FUN("_rcpp_module_boot

andre zege andre.zege at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 03:22:53 CEST 2011

I reinstalled Rcpp, removed the package with R CMD REMOVE,  run
, module=T), changed the package to one line
of C code, re-installed the package again with  R CMD INSTALL, and checked
it with R CMD  check cUtils

At this moment the following is in the package

#include "cUtils.h"
double myplus(double x, double y){
  return x+y;

  using namespace Rcpp ;

#ifndef _cUtils_H
#define _cUtils_H
#include <Rcpp.h>

I am still getting the error

Error in FUN("_rcpp_module_boot_cUtils"[[1L]], ...) :
  no such symbol _rcpp_module_boot_cUtils in package .GlobalEnv

The error happens in function getNativeSymbolInfo. I think it is because for
some reason
getNativeSymbolInfo(name, PACKAGE) gets PACKAGE=.GlobalEnv and i assume it
should be something else. I must be missing some simple point
that sets environment correctly, but as i don't have any working modules, i
don't know where to look for correctly functioning example. Any pointers
be greatly appreciated
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