[Rcpp-devel] Makefile CPP flag

soeren.vogel at uzh.ch soeren.vogel at uzh.ch
Fri Jun 17 12:11:30 CEST 2011


How can I assure an include directory of a library on UNIX likes, wherever that library is installed on the user machine?

Both, Makevars and Makevars.win are from Rcpp.package.skeleton(). I have added

PKG_CPPFLAGS = '-I/opt/local/include'

to Makevars to point to the boost sources on the mac here. Uwe Ligges pointed to the use of the variable BOOSTLIB in Makevars.win (I am about testing how this works). Now I *mean* this could principally also be an issue on UNIX machines where boost does not reside inside a standard directory (or opt). I've browsed through the Rcpp packages' sources, however, the configure scripts there go far beyond my current programming skills. I *mean* (again) that the user could be prompted for the boost path on installation, but I have no idea of how to achieve this.

Thank you for help.

Bests, Sören

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