[Rcpp-devel] Namespace error

soeren.vogel at uzh.ch soeren.vogel at uzh.ch
Wed Jun 15 21:45:39 CEST 2011

On 15.06.2011, at 20:57, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:

> On 15 June 2011 at 20:07, soeren.vogel at uzh.ch wrote:
> | We refer to the discussion about the namespace error, e.g., here
> [...]
> | And the CHECK error reads:
> | Error: .onLoad failed in loadNamespace() for 'GUTS', details:
> |   call: value[[3L]](cond)
> |   error: failed to load module modguts from package GUTS
> | could not find function "getClass"
> | Execution halted
> | A namespace must be able to be loaded with just the base namespace
> | loaded: otherwise if the namespace gets loaded by a saved object, the
> | session will be unable to start.
> | Probably some imports need to be declared in the NAMESPACE file.
> That error goes away if you add
>    require("methods", character=TRUE, quietly=TRUE)
> in zzz.R before the call to loadRcppModules(). In SVN, we have corrected the
> Rcpp.package.skeleton() function (or rather the version of zzz.R it copies).

Thanks, Dirk, now CHECK completes without issues. We, anyway, hope you may find our package of some interest and welcome any opinion. Sören & Carlo

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